‘The Vampire Diaries’ review: Alaric’s rampage and Klaus’ [spoiler]

Alaric finds a way to stay evil.

The Vampire Diaries” became in many ways a horror movie rather than a supernatural drama Thursday night, as at least half of the episode was spent in a single classroom as we tried to watch the new (and incredibly evil) incarnation of Alaric do his best to get Elena to murder a tied-up Caroline. While this plot did not exactly work out, it was the basis for a rather fantastic turn of events in an episode that was really all about one central story — one that even at first forced the Salvatore brothers and the Originals to work together.

In an effort to take Matt Davis’ villain out, Bonnie tried to use black magic (and her much-maligned mother Abby) to craft a spell where a human would be sacrificed in exchange for his heart. Unfortunately, what she didn’t realize was that there was a specific person that Alaric was linked to — Elena. The only way in which he could die (at least at first) was if Elena did the same. This not only caused everyone to rethink their plans, but it led to Elena being in grave danger — Klaus realized that he was going to have to give up on his dream to form the world’s largest (and really only) army of hybrids, even if he did try to draw as much blood from Elena first in the process.

With Alaric and the other vampires now unified, Klaus suddenly became public enemy #1; and on this occasion, we witnessed something that was certainly a little bit shocking — they killed him through a mixture of magic and pulling at his heart (literally). Is he really dead? Probably not, and it seems too convenient (and a bit sad) to take him out just a year after he really arrived on the scene. The shockers that unfolded at the end of the episode (in traditional show fashion) actually did not have much to do with Klaus at all — instead, we saw Alaric holding the founding families of Mystic Falls hostage, and Elena passing out suddenly while painting her room with Jeremy’s help.

We ultimately wish that every episode of “TVD” was like the final few of every season — these are not only exciting and fast-paced, but they give all of the characters a purpose and really draw the lines in the way of loyalty. While not every part of this episode made sense (especially all of the magic and how Klaus was able to “die” the way he was considering the show’s history), it was still thoroughly entertaining.

What did you think about this episode?

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