‘Glee’ episode spoilers: How will Lea Michele’s Rachel recover?

She won't give up.

If you saw Tuesday night’s new episode of “Glee,” then you already know that Lea Michele’s character of Rachel is currently in major crisis mode. After all, she completely tanked during her audition with NYADA — and at least on the surface, it doesn’t really appear as though she is going to have another shot of making the school.

However, if there is one thing we have learned about Rachel, it is that she is more than persistent when it comes to trying to make her dreams come true. Speaking at a panel discussion this week, show co-creator Ryan Murphy did not necessarily guarantee that Rachel would find a way to make her NYADA dreams a reality; however, he did claim that she is not going to allow herself to give up without a fight:

“The next episodes after this really deal with the implications and complications … The great thing about that character is that she just doesn’t give up. That’s a wonderful thing to write to, Rachel’s tenacity. I think people love that about her, that she has a dream, even now. It’s inspirational to a lot of kids to see a scene like that and not get what you want in the moment but to not give up. That’s the idea of what the show is about.”

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much of what Rachel is going to do just yet — even though the preview for Tuesday night’s new episode “Prom-A-Saurus” still looks like it will be a blast (and a rather vast turnaround to the massive) for some entirely different reasons.

The “Glee” cast is current filming their graduation-themed season finale — and based on what we are hearing, the tears are flowing all across the show set.

Photo: Fox

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