‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Clay Aiken fights against internet hate

Clay has dominated this season.

Clay Aiken knows one thing by now after years of dealing with the public’s reaction to his sexuality — how to be comfortable in your own skin, and not give in to some of the bigotry and hate that often comes in your direction based on people with no right to judge. While the one-time “American Idol” star has continued to deal with both positive and negative situations ever since coming in second place all the way back in season 2, his appearance on “The Celebrity Apprentice” this season has catapulted him right to being front and center in the spotlight.

So how is he dealing with the nastiness now coming courtesy of some anonymous posters on Twitter? Let’s just say that he is taking a creative approach to the matter. Rather than ignoring them or acting hurt by some of the anti-gay slurs that have been fired in his direction, Clay instead explains that he most enjoys just pointing out how terrible some of these people truly are in order to educate other folks online:

“I occasionally retweet some folks just 2 highlight their ignorance & stupidity. I certainly don’t take offense from [stuff] said by idiots!”

Of course, Clay is far from the only person who has been forced to deal with some nasty comments online this season — Lisa Lampnaelli, Lou Ferrigno, and Aubrey O’Day are among some of the contestants who have become targets thatnks to everything from their body image to their behavior on the show.

When dealing with Twitter haters, what do you think is the best strategy — ignoring them, fighting against them, or trying to block them all simply so that they are not around? A new episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” airs on Sunday night, and by the end there will only be three contestants left standing.

Photo: NBC

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