‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Kat Edorsson talks loved ones, strategy

What did Kat have to say?

Out of the contestants on “Survivor: One World” this season, there’s no doubt that Kat Edorsson was polarizing. She was certainly enthusiastic enough and wanted to make some sort of impact on the game — unfortunately, she also suffered when it came to the maturity needed to do well in a social setting. Her rants often wore out some of her fellow tribe members, and one of the biggest points of controversy this past episode was when she opted to take Kim and Alicia with her on a reward with loved ones so that they could “party,” rather than trying to make a strategic decision and take Tarzan or Christina instead.

On Thursday, we had an opportunity to chat with Kat — and to see if she looks back and has any regrets about what happened to her on the show.

Cartermatt.com – So what has the reaction been like to you online when it comes to what happened this week?

Kat Edorsson –  I’ve had a lot of love, and I have a few here and there who are like ‘oh my God, you’re so stupid! How can you be so naive and so selfish?’ I’ll tweet back and be like ‘I’m sorry you feel that way.’ What am I going to do? Everyone has their own opinion on how I played the game, so I take it all and then kind of roll with it.

You said on the show that you were really enthusiastic to try and make a big move and cement your place in ‘Survivor’ history. So were there any big moves that you made, or ones that you tried to make while you were there?

Ultimately, my biggest mistakes were when it came down to reward challenges and things like that. If I were going to make a move … I did start an alliance very early and I was very loyal to that alliance. I wasn’t as open-minded as I should have been, like to [Troyzan], entertaining his ideas of alliances. I wasn’t really entertaining the idea like I should have been.

I had so much heart in the game and I wanted to do well that all I wanted to do was to kick Kim’s a– in the challenge. Last night, I [saw] myself trying to beat Kim — and if I was to ever make a move, it would have been that night. If I were to win immunity, and I could have chose if I wanted to go with Tarzan, Christina, Or Alicia, or I could have went with Sabrina, Kim, and Chelsea. If there was ever going to be a move, that was the one that I was going to make. What would have been more beneficial for me?

Again, we can never say that I did make a big move because I didn’t win. I wasn’t strong enough that day.

One last quick question — if you could do the reward challenge again, would you have done the same thing?

Absolutely not. (Laughs.) I hate that said I was selfish because I completely sympathized with everyone. The reward challenges are death, I’m not sure if you have noticed … you don’t want to be the person to choose who goes with you; you want to be the person who is chosen. When I chose Kim and Alicia, it was such a terrible decision because I didn’t know how Sabrina and Chelsea were going to react — that they were going to be so sour about it. I promise you this — I look selfish because I didn’t take Christina and Tarzan, and that was Sabrina and Chelsea’s excuse. I love these girls, but they know for a fact that if I had taken one of them rather than Alicia, they would have not been saying anything about me at the reward [or] at camp the next day.

So yes, I did really make a big mistake since Alicia was part of my final three. So why did I take her? I don’t know. I wasn’t thinking strategically and that was my $1 million move that I completely messed up.

Based on who is left among the final six castaways, who do you think will end up making it to the end?

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