‘Grey’s Anatomy’ preview: Success, failure, and stress with the boards

Who failed the test?

Following the board exams on “Grey’s Anatomy” last week, we may be finally getting some answers this time around as to who passed the test and who didn’t.

One thing we can promise is that there will be some questions after watching the residents try and explain themselves during the interview portion of the test — nobody seems to be altogether calm during this process, and April especially spends the majority of her time shouting at the people testing her due to their utter inability to give her the information that she wants. Sadly, we also know for sure that one of these doctors is not going to make it out of these exams successful.

In going completely away from the boards, we learn something very valuable this week that could mark the end for Mark’s current relationship — the idea of having another baby sooner rather than later. Considering that we only recent witnessed Eric Dane’s character getting comfortable with the idea of having one child, it’s hard to see him necessarily being on board with this just — especially when there is also a certain someone in Lexie out there.

After watching Callie and Arizona have some pretty light-hearted plots over the course of the past few weeks, this is going to change courtesy of Arizona seeing her childhood friend — who just so happens to suffer from cancer. While she and Callie each thought that they would be able to handle this just fine, they soon learn that the special patient in question has actually been battling the ailment for a good while longer than they first realized.

While Derek is going through a crisis of his own, it is hardly on par with what we are seeing elsewhere from some of the other characters — instead, he is having trouble with the label of being an “advice columnist” to some of the younger doctors. Why? As Dr. Bailey so eloquently explains, he ends up being the person everyone else blames when something ends up going wrong.

Who do you think ends up failing the boards? Check back Thursday night following the new episode for a full review!

Photo: ABC

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