‘Duck Dynasty’ review: The birds and the bees … and the ducks

Willie pulled some scare tactics.

On Wednesday night’s episode of “Duck Dynasty” — which has quickly become one of our favorite shows from the standpoint of hilarity alone — we actually saw a situation that many parents of young ladies know very well. Willie’s daughter Sadie was going to a school dance, and she was doing so with her new boyfriend Beau. The problem? Willie didn’t even seem to know the kid existed.

The storyline that followed is something that was both familiar and somehow refreshing — Willie trying to scare the living daylights out of Beau as only he could. He took the kid out to the swamp, showed off his guns, and pretty much scowled as often as possible. Willie’s brother Jase (who is somehow even funnier than the Duck Commander CEO himself) was brought along to balance things out — and to anger Willie to the point where Jase’s hat ended up in a tree. (We’re still working on our petition to get Jase on pretty much every reality show known to man.)

Through this ridiculous power struggle, Beau really handled himself rather well. He was calm, composed, and even knew how to shoot a gun. In other words, he was pretty much the perfect guy for Willie to approve of for his baby girl — even if he still struck some fear in his heart in the process. He even gave the kid a duck call — which at this point really has to be Robertson equivalent of a peace treaty. It’s still strange to us watching some guys with epic beards being the Louisiana version of high society, but the Robertsons seem to be the family that everyone — young kids included — have to impress.

Ultimately, the joy of “Duck Dynasty” is that even though it is a reality show, it actually plays out a bit like a sitcom. Every week, there is a crisis that forces the Robertson family to react to it — unfortunately for them (but not for us), not everything ends up going according to plan.

Are you like us and find this show to be one of your guilty pleasures that you don’t really have to feel that guilty about?

Photo: A&E

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