Fox’s ‘New Girl’ review: Nick and Jess’ backslide

Say goodbye to Nick?

We admit that we’re feeling a bit sad as “New Girl” ends its first season, mostly because we are now just one episode away from this gem of a comedy closing the door on a stellar freshman run.

With that in mind, the show is also getting a step closer to really addressing the massive elephant in the room that is Nick and Jess’ relationship. Unfortunately, though, it is manifesting itself at the moment in ways other than “I love you.” Instead, we saw the characters this week try and avoid their future by diving back into the past. When it comes to Nick, it was his new relationship with Caroline that started it all — this actually led to Jess hooking back up again with Justin Long’s Paul, only for him to later admit that he was in love with someone else and cheated on her after a fight.

After Jess ended up actually helping Paul propose to his new lady (seriously), she then realized that trying to follow her own footsteps was a mistake when it comes to her dating life. She tried to tell Nick the same thing … but unfortunately for her, he and Caroline are now moving in together.

In the midst of this relatively serious story about relationships, there were still some pretty hilarious moments that unfolded this week — including Schmidt’s “injury” forcing Cece to dress down, Nick being forced to watch a video of himself from the past (complete with some references to the character of Coach, who was replaced following the pilot after Damon Wayans Jr. stayed with “Happy Endings”), and the giant earring that Winston got in a poker match with his boss that got progressively longer throughout the episode akin to Miss J’s sleeves on “America’s Next Top Model.”

Do you think that Nick and Jess will (or should) get together by the season finale?

Photo: Fox

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