‘Top Shot’ finale review: Who’s the winner of season 4?

Who is the champ now?

There’s something rather fun about watching an underdog — you don’t expect them to make it as far as they do, and when they end up winning the satisfaction is made all the sweeter.

With this in mind, we admit that part of us cheered during the finale for “Top Shot” on History Tuesday night. Why? In a competition that continues many police officers and former military veterans, a IT professional in Chris Cheng (who also happens to be a major firearms enthusiast) end up being the victor for season 4 over federal police officer Gregory Littlejohn.

The final challenge during this show Tuesday night was especially exciting, mostly because we saw a little bit of everything the two had done on the show thrown back them in a complicated obstacle course. There was everything from pistols to crossbows to automatic weapons, and it showed off versatility along with quick response time and accuracy.

Overall, “Top Shot” remains a fine example four seasons in of what History as a network does right — they’re not flashy, but if you are fans of weaponry and enjoy seeing some actual pieces of our past used in present-day situations, this is about as entertaining and as a safe of way as you are going to see it happen.

Are you happy that Chris ended up winning this season?

Photo: History

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