‘Fashion Star’ review: Nzimiro Oputa rules branding week

There was at least one shocker this week.

Fashion Star” is starting to get near its season 1 finale, and with that we are in serious territory — branding territory, even.

The remaining designers all took on not only some new pieces, but create an ad that best represented their brand. How did they fare? It’s safe to say that there were some mixed results.

Nzimiro Oputa – We’ve really just now managed to figure out how to Nzamiro’s nae, but we have to say that out of everyone, he is the designer that we would be the most likely to buy. His designs are classy, cool, and current — and this may be one of the first cardigans we’ve ever loved. Sale: $100,000 to Macy’s.

Kara Laricks – We love Kara’s clothes, though we do wish her response to getting a buy was a little less like Taylor Swift winning a music award and being continually surprised by it. Why? She’s that good, and she should expect herself to be sold every week at this point. Sale: $80,000 to Saks Fifth Avenue.

Luciana Scarabello – Over the course of the past few episodes, Luciana has emerged as a favorite — and she did so yet again here with a dress that looked perfect for a classy party or a dinner. Sale: $50,000 to Saks Fifth Avenue.

Nikki Poulos – Before we even got to Nikki’s disco dress, we have to say that the ad she showed off for her brand looked more like it was for a hair product. As for her dress, it actually pretty sleek — but it seems as though her poor advertising (and her potentially throwing the process under the bus) ended up hurting her. Sale: None

Orly Shani – We actually thought this motorcycle jacket was one of the coolest designs that Orly has come up with, since it brought an edge to what was a theme that we have seen from some of the dresses in the competition already. Sale: None

Ronnie Escalante – Ronnie is becoming the comeback king this season — but we are torn when it comes to the actual product. While we didn’t necessarily love the back dress that he put out on the runway this week, his ad was easily the best of the entire night — it was colorful and in a word stellar. Sale: $50,000 to Macy’s.

Ross Bennett – As the final designer, Ross unfortunately didn’t have his best week. There is such a thing as sticking to your guns too much, and this is what the Texan seems to be doing at this point. His hunting vest was cool, but it something that seems a bit more limited when it comes to his market. Sale: None

In what was a first for the show this week, the mentors actually failed to come up with someone that they wanted to save — mostly because Ross, Orly, and Nikki each failed to stand out from the crowd. However, this was ultimately Ross’ week to go — he’d been in the bottom many times before, and his portfolio was not large enough to really make it much further with these three buyers (even if he could be successful in Texas).

What did you think about this episode?

Photo: NBC

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