NBC’s ‘The Voice’ results: The Juliet Simms – Jamar Rogers debate

We have our final four.

For weeks now, Team Cee Lo Green has ultimately exposed the problems with “The Voice” voting system — mostly in that with a few exceptions, many of their team members have deserved to stay longer than most of the competition elsewhere.

Ultimately, the system of the show — which forces one artist from each team to be present during the season finale — led to one of the saddest results show of the season. Why? We had Juliet Simms and Jamar Rogers — who, along with Chris Mann from this standpoint, are the best people in the competition — both on the same team. By the end of Tuesday night’s results show, we knew that only one of them would be left standing.

The results show still used the bizarre format of points assigned by both the coaches as well as the public, and we were admittedly surprised to see that both Cee Lo and America gave Juliet more than 60% of their support. She certainly does deserve it based on some incredible vocals, but Jamar had been the clear-cut favorite from both parties over the course of the competition. We would have loved to see some sort of twist that allowed them both to stay regardless of who ended up getting the most votes between them — but alas, it didn’t happen, and one of the best performers is gone.

Juliet is joining a final four that includes the aforementioned Mann from Team Christina Aguilera, Jermaine Paul from Team Blake Shelton, and Tony Lucca from Team Adam Levine. The only other real surprise from the results show was Adam seemingly miscalculated the amount of support that America had in Katrina, who actually received 52% of the vote but left since he had assigned Tony 60% of his points. Why did he likely do this? We really think it was just a show of solidarity for someone he obviously believed would be making it to the finale — and it’s understandable, since Katrina was in the bottom the past two live shows she performed in.

At the end of the day, there is some excitement to be had with the show next week, but what the current format really shows us above anything else is that despite the protests, “The Voice” is still very much a show about the coaches. After all, a show about the singers would still have Jamar and Juliet standing.

Do you think NBC and the producers should consider a shake-up before season 3?

Photo: NBC

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