‘The Biggest Loser’ winner Jeremy Britt talks getting back in the game

Jeremy: before and after.

On Tuesday night’s edition of “The Biggest Loser,” the news finally came down that Jeremy Britt — after losing a colossal 199 pounds (and 51.16% of his weight since the beginning of the show) was the winner of the “No Excuses” season.

However, Jeremy’s win was not without its own controversial moments. At one point during the season, he was one of the contestants who pondered leaving the show after a rule that involved bringing a previously-eliminated person back to the ranch. Two of Jeremy’s fellow contestants in Buddy and Mark did opt to leave the show, and there was some irony to Jeremy’s decision to stay — he was eliminated soon after, won the task to get back in the ranch, and now he is a pretty rich guy at 22.

On Wednesday, Jeremy spoke with reporters in a conference call, and in the process touched on some of the action that happened during the season (even if he was more mum about the specific circumstances surrounding the walk-offs).

On his most important thing he learned – “Hard work pays off, definitely. I worked very, very hard at this … everything I did paid off.”

On what he did after he received the money – “The first thing I gotta do is buy Buddy a minivan … I told him if I won I would get him a minivan.”

On balancing the competition alongside his relationship with his sister Conda – “She wants to win and I want to win, but if one of us win it was a pretty good thing … I wanted to win. I wanted to destroy her.”

On visiting the White House – “Maybe what didn’t come across on camera was how down-to-earth Michelle Obama was … she was very personal about it and it was a great experience.”

On what what he learned about Conda through this experience – “That if I have to share a room with her for six months, that I will go insane … Conda never played sports or did any of this, but when she she wants to be successful [she gets intense].”

On coming back into the game – “I feel like there was a reason that spot was mine … basically, I was going to stay on the pole until next week.”

On how he plans to keep the weight off – “All the things that I’ve learned [have helped me] … I’m going to make a complete lifestyle change. If I remain in the public eye it is going to help me be accountable.”

On how he wants to stay in the public eye – “I want to get into speaking to tell my story … there a lot of people who have [went through what I have], so if there is any way I can help them that would be great.”

Are you happy that Jeremy ended up winning this season, and what did you think about the “No Excuses” group as a whole?

Photo: NBC

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