Ratings debate: Will ‘CSI: Miami’ or ‘NY’ continue on?

Will the show continue on?

With some of the past ratings debate articles that we have created, we have focused on individual shows that have a more than uncertain future. However, this time we are taking a close look at two shows that have spent a combined 18 years on the air, and are a part of one of the most-popular franchises in recent history.

With that in mind, we’re talking about two programs in the “CSI” franchise — “Miami” and “NY.”

Why they should go – If you look at this merely from the standpoint of ratings, both of these shows are among the lowest-scoring dramas on CBS in the 18-49 demographic. Both have declined steadily over the years, with “Miami” especially taking some hits late in this season as it descended below the 2.0 mark (a danger sign for pretty much any show on the network). Meanwhile, “NY” has been routinely drawing numbers below this mark on Fridays, and has been overshadowed in the lineup both by “Blue Bloods” and “Undercover Boss.”

There’s also another major issue here — these shows have been around a long time, and are not too cheap to make compared to a new drama series. If CBS is looking to add another hour of comedy (which has been suggested by some), they are going to need some sort of real estate — and one of the ways t do this is by trimming the shows that have become more expendable.

Why they should stay – Really, you just have to look at history. These shows have become an integral part of the lineup, and an abrupt cancellation (especially with the original series still on the air) could lead to fans become more than a little bit upset. If there is one thing that has always infuriated us about CBS, it is how the ax shows on a whim (“Without a Trace”), and fail to give the a proper chance to wrap things up when compared to other networks.

Could syndication play a role in keeping these shows? Possibly, but since the franchise is co-produced with Warner Bros. the network does not see all of the money that comes out of these deals.

What will happen – If CBS chooses to keep “Undercover Boss” on year-round at its Friday timeslot, it’s possible that they would only have one or two hours for new dramas series if the network decided to keep both “CSI” shows. With that competition in mind, we honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see both shows ride into the sunset.

At this point, we do sadly think that one of these shows (most likely “NY”) is doomed for the fall season, and we put the odds at around 50/50 that “Miami” will join it as The Eye tries to overhaul its drama lineup.

Photo: CBS

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