‘How I Met Your Mother’ review: How to make a cliffhanger

Where is the story now?

Even though the two-part season finale for “How I Met Your Mother” is not airing for almost another two weeks, Monday night’s new episode went ahead and put the events on motion for what is looking like it will be a monumental hour for the future of all of our favorite New York City characters.

As a matter of fact, all of them have an emotional journey that they are looking to complete.

Ted – While he’s not in the position to find his future wife just yet, he is looking to patch things up and move forward with Robin as a friend — albeit in a more distant way than being her roommate.

Robin – Unfortunately, Robin seems relatively preoccupied at the moment with some unknown project (possibly her fame after the helicopter rescue) to really sit down and discuss what is going on with Ted.

Marshall and Lily – The baby is finally here — and it’s early! Lily had sent away her husband with Barney to Atlantic City in order to have some much-needed time to relax, and this led ultimately to her water breaking. (Unfortunately for Lily, Barney had gotten Marshall so inebriated that he couldn’t even process what was going on.

Barney – For Barney, the emotional journey may be the most poignant of all. After being happy with Quinn for several weeks, he is running into a rather big problem — she works as a stripper, and he just can’t handle it. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem keen on stopping unless she is married — and even if this happens, who’s to say that she won’t find yet another way to assert her independence?

While this episode did contain its fair share of funny moments (including the revival of the “ducky tie” and Ted hooking up with someone who was just as desperate to get over an ex as he was), it was really about the characters — and thankfully, the stage was set perfectly for a powerful finale.

What did you think about this episode?

Photo: CBS

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