ABC’s ‘Castle’ review: Did zombies bring Castle and Beckett together?

Is the moment almost here?

We are only now six days away from the “Castle” season finale, and based on what happened during Monday night’s episode (coupled with the new promo released by ABC below), it is starting to seriously look like these two may be seriously getting closer and closer to making this relationship work.

While the entire case involving “zombies” was incredibly entertaining (and would you really expect anything else?), the moment that most everyone is going to be talking about –and it’s no disrespect for Alexis finally deciding to go to Columbia University and keeping her laser tag partner nearby — is Beckett revealing to Castle that she has been seeing a therapist to work through some of her issues that happened during the shooting (which she actually remembers down to the last detail). This confession happened at absolutely the perfect time, mostly because we were going to likely see Castle otherwise hightail it out of the department since he couldn’t really handle the divide that was forming between the two. (Hats off to Martha for one of her famous pep talks, as well.)

This all paints a perfect picture for the finale next week, which features Castle saying “I love you” (again!), Beckett getting closer to solving her mother’s murder, and the two coming close to each other in the rain for what looks like it could be the kiss (and not a staged one for a case) that everyone has been waiting for.

Just how excited are you for the finale after watching Monday night’s new episode?

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