Keith Olbermann — Jimmy Kimmel after ‘revenge’ with White House jokes

Is Olbermann upset at Jimmy?

Jimmy Kimmel mocked quite a few people during his speech at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner over the weekend — but one person has managed to respond to a few barbs by taking a shot of his own.

In a new post on Twitter, former Current TV host Keith Olbermann — who Kimmel claimed had stuck resumes under the chair of every person in attendance at the event in an effort to find a new place to start up drama — claimed that the ABC comedian was really only going after him due to a declined invitation to his show:

“Funny that Jimmy Kimmel ripped me after his people desperately wanted me to fly to LA to be on his show this past Wednesday … I’m fair game. I’m complaining about the revenge element. It reminds me of O’Reilly.”

So is this really the case? Not entirely, as Kimmel told Entertainment Weekly that he did not even realize that Olbermann was invited to be on his show, and he was targeting him with some jokes due mostly to his status as a major public figure in the world of cable news in the past year. (He has also filed a lawsuit against his former employer, claiming that they did not give him the tools necessarily to succeed and therefore ended up breaching their own contract — something that Current has also accused Olbermann of doing.)

What did you think about Kimmel’s jokes towards Olbermann — were they justified to you considering the pundit’s presence in the past year, or do you think that they were possibly motivated by something akin to a personal vendetta? If you haven’t seen Kimmel’s speech at the dinner yet, you can below. (The Olbermann comments come near the end.)

Photo: ABC

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