‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Dayana Mendoza still upset with Lisa Lampanelli

What's Dayana saying now?

Apparently, time does not heal all wounds — just ask Dayana Mendoza how she feels about Lisa Lampanelli today, half a year after “The Celebrity Apprentice” actually wrapped up filming for the season. Since being fired by Donald Trump, Dayana has received insight into what happened behind closed doors via two different methods — the confessionals from the “Queen of Mean” during the show, and some of the comments made during radio interviews (including one that included a racial remark that the former Miss Universe is still not happy about).

So what doesn’t Lisa ultimately like Dayana? When asked to try and analyze what went wrong in their relationship, Mendoza explained to Entertainment Weekly that she really still has no clue what happened between the two of them, and checked off many of the same boxes that she did while she was actually on the season:

“Everybody else that I worked with always said that I’m a hard worker, and I felt like I was never given the opportunity to show it. I was always pushed to the side and I found out, as the season kept going, that it was just another technique that some of the contestants would have to take people out. I don’t know exactly what is her personal issue towards me, I would have loved to know. I think I’ve treated her better than anybody else on the show has. I just treated her with professionalism and to be honest, I feel that an adult woman needs to behave that way.”

Meanwhile, Lisa is sticking to her guns in a new series of post on Twitter after the show — but does still make an important distinction that even though she felt Dayana was useless in many of the tasks, she still feels like she is a nice person. It’s always important to separate the game from real life, and this seems to be ultimately why Lisa is a stellar player on this show where Dayana is not — although we see her both tired and angry at times during the experience, she does not seem to judge a person based on whether or not they can write a jingle for Good Sam. (Of course, there are still times when Lisa crosses a line — see the racial remark, which she was making during a joke but still came across as offensive.)

At the moment, we’re honestly unsure what sort of final two we are looking at here — though from a personal standpoint, a Clay vs. Lisa showdown may be the most enjoyable.

Who do you want to see make it to the end this season?

Photo: NBC

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