Fox’s ‘House’ preview: Coping with Robert Sean Leonard’s Wilson

Another step closer.

Monday night’s episode of “House” is the 19th one of the season, and with this in mind there are only three left before the series finale. Is there going to be a happy ending? Based on what we are seeing below, it is probably better not to count on it.

In going through his multiple stages of grief, House tries to deal in this episode (entitled “The C-Word”) in the only way he really knows how — by trying to make light of the situation courtesy of a fake Spring Break celebration with booze. He also makes a joke about Wilson taking part in a wet t-shirt contestant that Robert Sean Leonard’s character likely does not appreciate.

In addition to watching these to go through their process of grieving, Princeton-Plainsboro is going to receive a rather unique patient of the week courtesy of Emily, an incredibly intelligent child with a genetic disorder. As for what makes this case even more unique than this, is that the genetics special brought in for the case just so happens to be Emily’s mother.

To say that the stakes are raised for some of the doctors here courtesy of this reveal may be one of the bigger understatements that we could make considering the circumstances. (Emily’s father also could not apparently be more different than her mother.)

All in all, expect this to be an emotional hour — we don’t know whether or not Wilson will make it out of here alive, but we have to think that if nothing else, his character would at least make it a few more weeks to the finale. (Personally, we much prefer a world in which House’s only real friend does not die at all.)

What do you think is going to happen with Wilson?

Photo: Fox

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