‘The Client List’ review: Jennifer Love Hewitt ditches the wedding ring

What happened?

There were a few nice moments during Sunday night’s new episode of “The Client List,” but one quickly rises to the top when it comes to significance to the story long-term — Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Riley finally deciding that she really does not need to hide the truth about Kyle to everyone in town?

While at a party during the episode, we finally saw the character spill the beans — even if she is still keeping a certain part of her job (you surely know what we are talking about here) a secret. When it comes to what she did reveal, the news ended up being received rather well, all things of course considered.

We also saw a tough side of Riley this week in another way — standing up for Kendra, who was about to get her secret professional revealed to her fiance courtesy of Grant — a son of a federal judge who just happened to be at the “spa.” Unfortunately for Grant, he seemed to forget that he was trying to expose someone while at the same being being the son of a federal judge who did happen to be at a “spa.” Riley’s simple threat about “discretion” was enough to shut him up … for now.

While this moment was a key one for Riley, we still from a logical standpoint have no idea how she is going to be able to keep this up (especially since someone not on the list received a little something extra this week). Eventually, someone else is going to find out who has nothing to lose by revealing the truth — and what will be interesting then is seeing how the show manages to handle it. (Let’s just hope it does not get too dramatic and stays true to the series’ pulpy roots.)

What did you think about Riley’s behavior during this episode.

Photo: Lifetime

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