‘Veep’ episode 2 review: HBO, yogurt keep on winning

HBO's success continues.

There’s something fascinating about “Veep” as show, mostly in the it may the purest form of workplace comedy on TV — even if there is some politics thrown in there. We don’t know anything about Vice-President Selina Myers outside of her position, and even within that we don’t even know what party she is with.

The second episode oh HBO’s comedy was in many ways similar to the first — it focused ona  day as the Vice-President, and what sort of conflict can come out of something as insignificant as picking the right yogurt flavor for the press to focus in on. This episode was in many ways about Selina’s journey to a tiny yogurt store for some “normalizing,” but there was plenty of abnormal moments that happened along the way — including a scare that caused Selina to briefly think that the President could be having a heart attack. (Her reaction when she realized it was just heartburn was priceless.)

When we saw earlier in the episode that many staffers in DC were coming down with a form of the stomach flu, we knew that eventually it would lead to Selina getting it. However, what still made this funny was when it hit her, she was trying to make her photo op at the yogurt store, which she was so late to getting to that the only flavor that was still available (in vanilla) was the one she was warned against. To make matters worse for her, the owner still had some questions about actual politics that she was not prepared to answer.

On the negative side, is everyone here really so cynical? The one thing this show is still missing is someone genuine and heartfelt rather than just competitive and cutthroat — but then again, maybe this is how life in politics really is. (If this is the case, it’s yet another reminder that we made the right choice by never going into this profession.)

As you still loving “Veep” as a series?

Photo: HBO

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