AMC’s ‘The Killing’ review: Michael resurfaces; what’s his relation to Rosie?

What was revealed?

On Sunday night’s episode of “The Killing,” we saw Veena Sud in many ways retrace some of her old steps — bringing back a character in Michael Ames who we hadn’t really heard from since the earlier days in the series. At that point, he was considered to be a serious suspect in Rosie’s murder — but he also has been suspected of something else.

Now that there an entirety paternity mess out in the open concerning Rosie’s father, the question has to be asked — is Michael Rosie’s real father? Based on what we saw during this episode, we are leaning towards “no” — but Stan admitted that even he didn’t know who the father was because he never bothered to ask Mitch, mostly because he really didn’t want to know herself. However, Rosie’s friendship with Alexi was ultimately one of the reasons that she was clued in to the secret that had been buried deep within her family history … Stan also saw her digging through some boxes before her disappearance after being troubled by the shocking information.

Outside of this revelation and a mysterious piece of art on Linden’s refrigerator at the end of the episode, we really can’t say that there was all that much that actually happened over the course of this episode. We’re still not really positive that Michael was not involved in Rosie’s murder, and even if he is innocent he still has to answer some questions related to why he was at the casino.

At the end of the day, we really are more confused that we are necessarily satisfied. While we think this episode was actually rather fantastic in terms of acting, it still does pose the question as to where we are actually heading with this season. Every now and then, you have hours designed to get you from point A to point B — and after spending so long taking that journey this week, we have to hope that some of the new intrigue concerning Michael, Alexi, and the mysterious David Rainer is worth the long wait.

Did this episode start to lean you towards any particular suspect for Rosie’s murder, or are you like us and just hoping that there will be more action in future episodes?

Photo: AMC

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