‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ review: Teresa Giudice’s apology attempt

The fighting continues.

If nothing else, we can say following Sunday night’s new episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” that Teresa Giudice put some sort of effort into trying to apologize for the massive cookbook fiasco that has already spawned two seasons worth of fighting. However, she may not have picked the best time possible to bring up the subject.

Basically, what happened was that Teresa wanted to make her feelings on this particular subject clear right in the middle of what was already a stressful “goodbye party” for Ashlee, who somehow seems dissatisfied to have a goodbye party to begin wtih. Nobody seemed altogether willing to hear Teresa say “sorry” as a result for bashing Caroline Manzo in the book at a party that was not for her in the slightest, so for now we seem to be at a point where everyone is moving on — sort of.

After the dramatic premiere, this episode really felt rather different. Why? There actually wasn’t that much fighting, unless you count a mysterious black eye and Jacqueline Laurita continuing to try and figure out where she went so wrong with her trouble-making daughter. We did, meanwhile, see some rather sweet moments — Joe Gorga cried when he learned that Melissa had composed a love song for him, and we saw the majority of the women try and get along.

Ultimately, the most dramatic moment of the entire episode actually didn’t involve the ladies at all — it was more about the guys, as we had the awkward opportunity to watch Joe Giudice get drunk in the midst of explaining getting a fake ID for a driver’s license after his was suspended. (If you remember back to last year, he was in the headlines quite a bit for this.)

Overall, we have to say that this season is still off to a strong star. “New Jersey” probably has more defined characters than any other show in the franchise, with really the only real criticism here being that the children are almost starting to take center stage too much. Remember, these people are supporting characters!

What did you think about episode 2 this season?

Photo: Bravo

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