‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ review: Clay Aiken, Dayana Mendoza, and Good Sam

Was Clay justified?

This week on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” Dayana Mendoza went up against what may have been her biggest challenge yet — having to rely on a task all about something she knows virtually nothing about. However, this did not stop her from trying to get involved in the challenge in just about every shape or form.

As justification to explain the conflict, Dayana was the Project Manager for Team Forte (mostly because both Clay Aiken and Lisa Lampanelli had gone recently), and the task here was trying to come up with a jingle for RV assistance company Good Sam. For Team Unanimous, there was a similar sort of problem — although Aubrey O’Day would have been a better choice for the task than Arsenio Hall, she was in charge just the week before.

Chaos part 1 – Aubrey vs. Arsenio

In what should be a surprise to no one, Aubrey spent a good part of this episode trying to usurp power from Arsenio in just about every way she could. However, we understand a bit where she was coming from this week — mostly because Arsenio seemed as engaged in the task as a college student in history class with a hangover.

However, what we were still surprised about was seeing Aubrey completely flip a switch, and bash Arsenio repeatedly in front of Donald Trump Jr. behind closed doors. (She also did so with some of the background singers.) While the guy wasn’t exactly the best, why in the world would you be so cruel before going into the boardroom?

Once we actually saw the performance, though, we started to think that both Aubrey and Arsenio could be fired over this. It was so incredibly cheesy — from Arsenio and Teresa Giudice’s acting skills to Aubrey’s jingle sounding like the sort of thing we would mute if we ever heard it. That’s not even to bring up the cheerleader outfit that just made the whole thing a little creepy.

Here comes the drama.

Chaos part 2 – Clay and Lisa vs. Dayana

Dayana may have been the Project Manager, and while she was more enthusiastic than Arsenio she was far more clueless about the subject matter. She also decided to have some fun with Don Jr. about midway through by claiming that Lisa talked too much — and this led to one of the biggest in-episode meltdowns we’ve ever seen. Not only did Lisa walk out, but she screamed for at least two minutes beforehand. (She did end up returning, but didn’t really want anything to do with Dayana.)

The only thing that made this whole ordeal even worse was that Dayana decided that she wanted to play the leader, and tried to give advice to Clay about how to perform on stage. He was a ticking time bomb for much of the challenge, but eventually he exploded on her and pretty much laid down the law — if you want him to actually do a good job, you actually have to let him do the job that he is trained to do (especially since he does a darn fine job at it).

Despite this team being more combative, we actually thought that their Good Sam jingle was far and away better. It had a retro feel, was catchy, and the performance did not smell of old cheese. With that being said, Dayana shouldn’t have ruined the performance by coming out at the end out of costume.

The boardroom – All gloves come off

What was fairly ironic about the boardroom this week was that despite the fact that we didn’t even know who won the task yet, we still listened to Lisa, Dayana, and even Aubrey on the either team fight for a solid fifteen minutes about being a good leader. We admit that at about minute eleven, we started to tune out. We get it — Dayana was terrible in this task, and she needed to be fired if her team lost. Granted, she should have been fired weeks ago, and Trump is not doing his Miss Universe organization any favors by keeping her around.

In showing what we really know about advertising, Dayana’s team did end up losing over Arsenio’s for a jingle that the executives felt was too retro — and at this point, the decision for Trump was rather easy. Dayana has not only been a weak player for quite some time, but she single-handedly worked to torpedo this task by wasting the group’s time and not contributing much. Her firing was ultimately inevitable. The only thing that (sort of) drew things out was Trump’s continued defense of the beauty queen, saying that it takes quite a bit to be Miss Universe and Dayana brings quite a bit to the table. Like Aubrey has done many a time this season, we found ourselves rolling our eyes — but with her gone, things are truly going to start to become intense.

Do you think that Trump made the right decision in finally firing Dayana?

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