‘Harry’s Law’ review: A marching band disaster; a surprise request

What happened this week?

This week on “Harry’s Law,” there were a pair of cases that rose some interesting questions. Should a group of forty be charged for the actions of a few, and should assault be treated the same regardless of gender? Both issues were addressed, and really rather effectively.

Marching band hazing – Harry’s case was brought to her by Phoebe, and it was an interesting one since in our high school marching band, we never even heard of anything like this happening.

After a young boy was killed accidentally in a hazing ritual by a marching band, she has to convince the court that every person present for the ritual was not involved in the same way in regards to the violence that occurred. Ultimately, she did succeed — and every member of the marching band now is going to have their day in court.

The second case – The second case was covered by Tom, he had a client with a rather unusual problem. He was a married man who made a mistake after a party — not only did he kiss another woman, but he also agreed to go to her place. However, he did not intend for anything to happen — but something did, as he was drugged and forced to have sex against his will.

Surprisingly, Tom tried to even convince his client to walk away from this, but the two did end up getting something out of this — the realization that this woman was spiking drinks with Viagra. While she did not end up going to prison (as she was threatened to), the client did get what he wanted out of it — being able to have an apology and some sort of public assurance that this wouldn’t happen to anyone else.

Away from the cases, there actually was a rather nice little (romantic?) story for Harry this week, as Sam actually ended up asking her out after not only being in the hospital, but after she negotiated a settlement without him around. We’d love to see more of this side of Harry moving forward, so let’s hope that the show continues to explore this.

Overall, what did you think about this episode?

Photo: NBC

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