‘The Amazing Race 20’ review: Did Brendon & Rachel go bald?

Who wants to get their head shaved?

While there are challenges on “The Amazing Race” that challenge your physical strength as well as your problem-solving skills, few actually force you to do something that you will carry with you for months to come. This is what Brendon & Rachel faced Sunday night, and it was something that one team in the past (in Uchenna & Joyce) went through with — shaving their heads.

Unfortunately, we learned pretty quickly this week in India that Rachel is no Joyce. While we know that some people are probably giving her a hard time for not hitting the clippers, she really didn’t have any major reason to do it. Not only was she feeling insecure about how she would look without hair, but Mark & Bopper were also so far behind that they were not going to think to try the Fast Forward, and her team would still finish ahead of them.

With that logic in mind, let’s see if “Brenchel’s” decision ultimately ended up hurting them…

Injury report – Before Mark & Bopper even started the leg, Mark was still receiving treatment following his heat exhaustion during the Bollywood challenge last week. Meanwhile, Ralph & Vanessa hit a setback after finishing a string-spinning Roadblock first as Vanessa ended up twisting her ankle running to find a rickshaw. They were still able to keep going, albeit at a far slower pace as they finished third (and fought with Brendon & Rachel, who were still safe despite the Fast Forward snub, at the mat).

Team complainer – No one is safe from the venom of Art & JJ, as they spent the majority of this leg giving Rachel a terrible time for not wanting to cut her hair. Of course, it’s much easier for them to say that they would go through with this than a woman.

First place – We saw a rather brilliant move by Rachel & Dave in order to secure yet another win. You had to take a ferry in order to get to the pit stop, and they decided to actually pay the operator before the other teams arrived.

Based on how they are working together at this moment, this team is going to ultimately be a hard one to beat.

Mark & Bopper’s quest – After starting the leg far behind everyone else, the two ended up having to take on a Speed Bump to go along with it involving painting the face of a tiger on a man’s belly. (Strange, but somehow entertaining.) Of course, there real question here was whether or not they actually took the Fast Forward — and in a surprising move, they actually decided to go give it a look just in case it wasn’t used already. They were able to go through with the task, but the unfortunate thing was that they couldn’t even pass a dysfunctional Art & JJ, who struggled after picking the wrong choice for a Detour.

We’re going to have to check our history books on this one, but we believe that Mark & Bopper may be the first team ever to win the Fast Forward and still find a way to be eliminated without any other circumstances playing a role.

Are you sad to see Mark & Bopper leaving the race, or do you think it really was their time considering all of their struggles on the race? If nothing else, we are hoping to see them on another season in the future.

Photo: CBS

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