‘Once Upon a Time’ review: Pinocchio’s secret — and his story

He's had quite a story.

We’ve been waiting for quite some time to find out the identity of Pinocchio on “Once Upon a Time,” and now it’s official. (However, you probably don’t want to read on unless you have already watched the episode.)

The rumors have turned out to be true, and the “real boy” is now a man in August W. Booth. We learned his real story this week, and it was a journey far different than any other character in Storybrooke. He entered the world along with baby Emma inside of a wooden vessel carved by his father Geppetto (who he reunited with at the end of the episode), and has since wandered the world looking for answers of some variety. However, he grew reckless in his travels, and ended up receiving a rather cruel punishment by not being in Storybrooke when Emma arrived time started to move again — his leg magically turned back to wood. He arrived quickly in Storybrooke after her arrival, though, and has tried to make up for lost time — as a matter of fact, he even changed up the book in order to try and convince her to realize the truth about the curse.

However, August has soon realized that Emma may officially be the most stubborn person alive. While she started to understand a little bit of what the citizens in Storybrooke need from her, she is still questioning both whether she is the right person for the job and what all of this responsibility really means. (As a matter of fact, she apparently interprets “responsibility to a town” as “take your biological son and hightail it out of town.”)

As for the rest of the episode, there were only a few moments that weren’t related to this story. We saw Regina try and work her flirtatious ways on David, but to no success — meanwhile, our Evil Queen also found failure in trying to convince Henry to switch classes so that Mary Margaret would no longer be his teacher. We have a feeling that the Queen is ultimately going to be none too pleased about all of this…

Overall, the show is getting to its most exciting part of the season, and we are really happy to say that the story is firing on all cylinders. Not only is the character development here top-notch, but there is some significant movement in the story — especially when it comes to Emma’s spontaneous decision at the episode’s end.

What did you think about Pinocchio’s story, and about Emma’s response to everything that she was told during this episode?

Photo: ABC

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