NBC’s ‘Smash’ preview: Uma Thurman’s Rebecca feels the pressure

The drama continues.

On Monday night’s new episode of “Smash,” the battle for the role of Marilyn is somehow going to become even more intense — and some decisions by the production are of course going to be impacting the personal lives of some of our key players yet again.

First and foremost, Uma Thurman’s character of Rebecca is going to be due for some much-needed encouragement from Derek as she quickly realizes one thing — she’s not necessarily as much of a sure thing for the role as she should be. There’s already been drama that has taken her away from rehearsals (largely caused by herself being late), and there was also a rather crafty plot orchestrated by Ivy and Ellis last week to get Megan Hilty’s character some more time in the spotlight.

While this is going on, Julia is going to be informed of a rather dramatic situation by Eileen — due to some pilot dealings with one of the actors for the musical, they are going to need to enlist the help of Michael Swift yet again. The problem? The last time Michael was around, her entire marriage nearly fell apart — and now, she is going to have to try and find a way that this doesn’t happen again just as she is starting to pick up the pieces.

To close things off, we have a new performance courtesy of Ivy in “I’m Going On” — a song that we have heard covered at least 200 times on various reality shows over the years. The good news? Considering Hilty is a professional, it’s no surprise to see her completely blow every last one of them out of the water.

Now, we just have to hope that the writers moving forward continue to make Ivy into a fully-nuanced character rather than just someone who is easy for us as an audience to hate.

What do you want to see happen during this episode?

Photo: NBC

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