Ratings debate: Should we return to ‘Cougar Town’ again?

Is it worth another go?

There are some shows that we have discussed lately in our ratings debate articles that are tough subject for one primary reason — trying to separate personal feelings from objective analysis as to whether or not the show will return.

With this in mind, we come to a show that is clearly among the most beloved on TV for the people who do happen to watch — “Cougar Town.” Has it earned a spot for at least another year, or should we be really kicking it off the cul-de-sac in favor of some higher-rated comedies? Ready on to find out.

Why it should go – Ratings, ratings, ratings. Despite all the good things that show creator Bill Lawrence has tried to do this season (especially when it comes to having to start a season 3 after many fans thought for whatever reason that the show was canceled), the numbers just aren’t there.

If you look at recent numbers that place the show within the range of a 1.4 – 1.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic, these are the worst for any regularly-scheduled comedy on the ABC schedule. It’s also not a show that ABC seems to have invested much promotion in ever since its premiere earlier this year.

Finally (in what may actually be the worst news for the show), many of the stars have already went on and secured other pilot deals. While these new shows are in second position to “Cougar Town” (meaning that they would return to the series if it is renewed over any new show), they wouldn’t be doing this if they felt confident about the show’s future.

Why it should stay – Really, the best reason we can put out there is that nothing whatsoever seems to do well for ABC before the “Dancing with the Stars” results show, and at least this is a show with a dedicated fan base. After all, what really could succeed against both “Glee” and “NCIS” on Tuesday nights? Rather than put another series in a spot that has already led to the cancellation of “Man Up!” and “Work It,” you could at least try to give “Cougar Town” a chance in a regular season.

You could also blame the lower “CT” numbers on having a lead-in in “Last Man Standing” that not only is much weaker than “Modern Family” (which it followed for the first two seasons), but also does not really match the show tonally at all.

What will happen – We hate to say it, but “Cougar Town’s” more than likely a goner pending a last-minute miracle. While “Standing’s” future is not necessarily certain, the success of “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23” — coupled with all of ABC’s Wednesday night block faring well — means that ABC is really only going to have a limited amount of spots to work with for the fall.

With this in mind, The network is likely to hand over the “Cougar Town” spot to a new show that has the potential for a larger audience. There are too many episodes needed for a “syndication renewal” (as we saw last year with “Fringe”) to happen, and even Courteney Cox’s star power will likely not be enough.

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Photo: ABC

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