Justin Timberlake gets his own elevator after ‘Friends with Benefits’ premiere

Caroline Bonarde Ucci

When Justin Timberlake wrapped up the premiere of his new movie “Friends with Benefits” on Monday night, the actor did what just about any A-list star from Hollywood would do in his position — attend an afterparty.

However, what was a bit surprising was that Justin is apparently such a hot commodity, female partygoers cannot even be in the same elevator as him. According to reports,¬†security¬†actually cleared the way for Justin by removing a few women from an elevator, and then clearing it for his entry. (While this may sound shocking, it’s likely pretty standard practice for any A-lister since anything can happen when you have possibly-drunk fans on board an elevator with someone they have been idolizing for years.)

“Friends with Benefits” also features the likes of Mila Kunis and Patricia Clarkson, and is expected to do some solid (if not spectacular) business when it premieres on Friday. Strangely, the Marine Corps Ball invitations actually see to be helping the film, as it has people talking about both Timberlake and Kunis in a positive way.

Are you excited to see this new movie?

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