‘The Voice’ UK results: Were Adam Isaac, Sam Buttery safe?

Who's staying put?

We had our first edition of results on “The Voice” UK, and first things first we have the give the folks over at BBC One credit for actually making the show a suitable length. If there is one thing that drives us insane about watching results shows in America, it’s sitting through an hour of programming that could really be done in about half an hour. The good news here? It was just over 30 minutes until we knew just who is staying in the competition, and who was sent packing.

Before we get to the results, here is how the results went — the top three vote-getters from each team were declared safe, and the other two ultimately were at the mercy of the coaches. (Unfortunately, the show opted to give us a performance from Lana Del Rey — no insult to her — rather than allowing the contestants to sing for their lives as they have done this season in America.)

The safe parties

Team Tom Jones

Ruth Brown – She was the last performer on the show Saturday, so to see her safe “in no particular order” (cue Dermot O’Leary!) was no surprise.

Adam Isaac – Really? Yes, this means that we are going to have to watch him take two hours to respond to criticism from the coaches again. On the flip side, we thankfully get to see more rock n’ roll on the show!

Leanne Mitchell – On a team that included Sam Buttery and Matt and Sueleen, we were admittedly shocked to see Leanne declared the safe party.

Team will.i.am

Frances Wood – Another surprise! We thought she was great, but often singers who perform early are in danger of being forgotten.

Jaz Ellington – While we did not love his “At Last” as much as the coaches, it was still pretty incredible.

Tyler James – If Tyler was not declared safe, we would have thought there was something incredibly wrong with the voting public.

The decisions

Tom Jones – We really wish that Sam was never put in this position, and we think that Tom also made a mistake sending his dynamic personality home over Matt and Sueleen who while talented, are far less interesting. If nothing else, at least Sam did have a great attitude following his elimination?

will.i.am – For will.i.am, the decision was between two women in Joelle Moses and Sophie Griffin who were ultimately lost in the shuffle Saturday night. So what did he base his decision on? Who had more experience at the moment. With that, Alison Brie Sophie was sent packing.

What did you think of Britain’s results, and do you like how this show eliminates its team members versus “The X Factor” or some of the other competitions out there?

Photo: BBC One

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