ABC’s ‘Castle’ preview: A new definition of ‘the walking dead’ (video)

Who loves zombies?

We we near the end of “Castle” this season, there are some episodes that we come to cherish more than others — mostly because they are so off-the-wall that they come across as hilarious. Monday night’s “Undead Again” — at least based on the sneak peeks we are seeing — looks to very much be one of these episodes.

What’s the major theme this week? Zombies! As hilarious as this turns out, though, the episode actually begins rather sadly as Castle realizes that due to his deteriorating relationship with Beckett, this probably should be his last case with her. (Unfortunately, we don’t know why he just doesn’t confront her about what happened the day of the shooting instead!)

Once the case actually begins, though, things get rather interesting as they find a victim late at night at a parking garage, and really the only evidence they have as to what happened to him are some bite marks that appear as though someone was ripping off his flesh. Is this creepy? Sure. Proof that this person was a victim of an undead attack? Hardly.

Things will take even more of an interesting turn when Castle goes back and replays the video footage of the attack with the police back at the station, and they see that the attacker is both acting and looking as though they have flesh peeling off of their face. While this person may have known that they would have been caught by security cameras, they certainly wanted to do as good of a job as possible to prove that they are a member of the zombie finale.

Possibly due to collect evidence (and also possibly due to his own desire to show off the sort of weirdness going on at his job), Castle ultimately brings this part of his work home for a little bit of show-and-tell.

Unfortunately, not everything is going so wonderfully for Castle at home. Alexis is still trying to decide where to go to university, and her choices seem to be either Oxford or Stanford. Why so far away? It ultimately seems as though she does not want to be that close to her family — a thought that makes Nathan Fillion’s character (and his ridiculous laser tag get-up) more than a little bit depressed. (Us, too — who wouldn’t want to play laser tag with Malcolm Reynolds?)

Finally, we close things off here by going back to what everyone really wants to see (or at least outside of Castle and Beckett getting together) — more zombies! Right in the middle of a conversation at the Coroner’s office, the cadaver decides to get up scream, and then go about its merry way.

Even if we don’t get any full answers this week (and it really doesn’t look like we will), we have to admit that we are more excited for “Undead Again” than any episode in a long time. It’s such a hilarious concept that we can’t wait to see how it is resolved.

Photo: ABC

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