White House Correspondents’ Dinner: President Obama skewers Mitt Romney

How did Obama do?

During the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner on Saturday night, we had an opportunity to write a bit about what comedian Jimmy Kimmel managed to bring to the table — this time around, we are deflecting some of the focus on the Commander-In-Chief himself in President Barack Obama.

As a comedian, Obama has already proven himself to have quite a knack for telling jokes on all sorts of subjects. However, on this occasion he seemed a bit less biting than when he went after Donald Trump ferociously in 2011 (though that may have been due to the adrenaline rush he was feeling as SEAL Team 6 was taking down Osama bin Laden). There were still some great moments involving Mitt Romney (which included an “attack ad” where a Romney Super PAC accused him of having Barak Obama try to endorse a socialist agenda among our four-legged friends), Jimmy Kimmel’s core audience being “people who fall asleep during ‘Nightline,'” and how the right-wing media was right in how he is harboring a secret agenda to pass healthcare reform “again” after he is elected to a second term.

From an entertainment standpoint alone and regardless of his politics, Obama did a fine job at both skewering the media (in particular The Huffington Post and their supposed “linking” to other stories) as well as himself (such as a past instance in which he ate dog meat growing up).

How do you think Obama did with the speech? You can check out the full video of his entire routine below.

Photo: Public Domain

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