‘The Vampire Diaries’ spoilers: What to expect from ‘Evil Alaric’ next

Alaric's out to wreak havoc.

On Thursday night’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” we pretty much said goodbye to the Alaric Saltzman that we knew as the character ended up dying while the evil part of him — the one cultivated by Esther every time that his ring kept him alive — completely took over. Like Mikael before him, this Alaric is out to do one thing and one thing only — destroy the entire vampire race by any means necessary.

As you would expect, this is going to cause major problems for every person living in Mystic Falls next week. As executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine, we are getting to a point in the season where pretty much no one is safe:

“He’s very clearly a bada– vampire killer with a pretty magnificent, deadly and unburnable stake, so I definitely think he’s going to be a conflict provider … He’s going to be pretty hardcore, which is going to be equally exciting and devastating …  [The next episode will focus on] Alaric in the high school where Caroline and Rebekah are having a little post-dance clean-up. … It’s a very extreme, hardcore episode of Alaric on a tear, and no one is safe.”

Unfortunately, there’s still no word as to what the future for this character on the show is going to be. It seems impossible at this point for the Alaric of old to suddenly end up returning to Mystic Falls; meanwhile, it’s also hard to see someone this dangerous staying put for too long, since the show needs to have Klaus stay around as one of the primary baddies. (With Alaric present in this form, Klaus is actually on the same team as the Salvatore brothers for a change.)

How long do you want to see “Evil Alaric” live? Stay tuned, as we’ll have more “TVD” scoop leading up to the season finale on May 10.

Photo: The CW

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