‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ preview: Clay Aiken loses it on Dayana Mendoza

Why is Clay so upset?

While we could have easily titled this article something different in order to put the emphasis on the fight between Lisa Lampanelli and Dayana Mendoza on Sunday night’s new episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” let’s face it — at this point, seeing that happen is sort of expected. What we didn’t see coming was Clay Aiken allowing himself to really go after Dayana for a rather justified reason.

The theme for this task is coming up with a new jingle for RV camping company Good Sam, but strangely Dayana and Arsenio Hall were the two project managers for the task (possibly due to the fact that both Clay and Aubrey O’Day were in charge last week). With this, it led to our resident singers having to take on a creative initiative.

The problem? While Arsenio chose to let Aubrey sort of take the reigns on the creative (which she later used against him by bashing him in front of Don Jr.), Dayana proceeded to follow Clay around and act like she knows more about music and recording than a man who has platinum albums. Understandably, Clay did not like this — and after taking it on a few occasions, he finally reacted by giving Dayana a rather hefty piece of his mind.

Based on what we are seeing right now, Team Forte looks like a disaster. If you want more evidence, just look at what else the preview video below shows — Lisa getting furious when Dayana tries to throw her under the bus in front of Don Jr., and it leads to Lisa effectively proclaiming that Dayana can finish the rest of the task on her own. (Eventually, it does look like the Queen of Mean comes back.)

If you were in Clay’s shoes, would you have reacted the same way? Also, who do you think is the most likely to be fired?

Photo: NBC

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