‘Once Upon a Time’ preview: Regina flirts — and fights back

We know her next move.

After watching her plans to incarcerate Mary Margaret for the murder of Kathryn go completely up in smoke, Sunday night’s new episode of “Once Upon a Time” is going to feature Regina taking on a whole new strategy to try to stop the happily ever after of the show’s most star-crossed couple.

Specifically, she is going to try and use her own seductive ways in order to try and get into David’s head (which, based on what we’ve seen on the show already this season, should not be that hard). She first tries to play on “Prince Charming” the old trick of “come fix my car,” before using this in order to convince him to come over to her place, have dinner, and make a number of wanting glances at her while she goes in for the kiss. Unfortunately, the preview from the episode (entitled “The Stranger”), does not really give it away as to whether or not David kisses back.

Meanwhile, Regina is also going to go for the old-fashioned strategy of emotional abuse when it comes to speaking with Mary Margaret about how she is suddenly released from prison following Sidney’s confession. Our otherworldly Snow White here has already figured out that Regina wanted her to stay behind bars, and so she takes a holier-than-thou approach to dealing with her (even though we have already learned this season that Mary Margaret is not exactly the poster child for having a moral compass herself).

We do still believe that we have not seen the end of the Evil Queen’s wicked ways moving forward this season, though it is going to become harder for her as both August and Henry each try to convince Emma that she is the only person to break the curse on a town full of fairytale characters.

Check back Sunday night — as always, we’ll have a full review of the episode as a whole.

Photo: ABC

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