‘Game of Thrones’ preview: A warning about Melisandre

Every day is dark and full of terrors.

On last Sunday’s episode of “Game of Thrones,” we witnessed what was in many ways one of the most bizarre (and not to mention terrifying) moments in TV history when we saw Melisandre promptly give birth to an evil shadow creature after what appeared to be the shortest pregnancy of all time (especially when we didn’t even know that she was pregnant until she threw off the road and started to scream on the ground).

So what is her true intention? That is still to be seen, but Stannis Baratheon certainly has a powerful weapon in his fight against the Lannisters — a creature that is far more evil than they could ever comprehend (expect for Joffrey, who may very well be the creature’s long-lost brother). However, a preview for Sunday night’s new episode “The Ghost of Harrenhal” raises a very important question — what if Stannis doesn’t quite know what he is getting himself into? Melisandre clearly does have some sort of agenda, and her deception towards Stannis thus far only proves that.

Away from Stannis, one of the other focuses Sunday night will again be Arya as she takes up new profession assisting Tywin Lannister. Unfortunately for her, there will be some problems surfacing here rather quickly — primarily in that Tywin is going to guess her region of birth pretty quickly, and it is only a matter of time before he learns his last name. Meanwhile, Dany is also going to be trying to grow accustomed to new circumstances as a resident of Qarth — where her mission is going to be once again trying to convince everyone that a) her dragons are real and b) that she is worth helping so that she can take back the throne that rightfully belongs to her.

Who do you think is in the most trouble moving forward this season — Stannis, Arya, or Dany?

Photo: HBO

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