‘The Amazing Race 20’ preview: Rachel Reilly vs. her hair

What's going to happen?

When you are on “The Amazing Race,” there is always one Fast Forward that you can count on to show up at some point or another — the one where you have to shave your head in order to advance straight to the pit stop. Joyce (of Uchenna & Joyce) is the most notable woman to go through the task, and she ended up winning the million-dollar prize over Rob & Amber in stunning fashion. (A female contestant on the Australian version also decided to do it, but it ended up working far less successfully.)

So are Brendon & Rachel really going to give this a shot? At the moment, that seems to be the main source of conflict in Sunday night’s episode. If they do go through it, team “Big Brother” will have a guaranteed spot in the final four and a better chance at winning a million bucks. However, they could also still have this same chance if they are far ahead of Mark & Bopper.

As much as we love Team Kentucky (and as much as we hope to see them on a future season), the two have so many health issues at the moment it’s next to impossible to see them catching up to anyone. The only person they may have a shot at beating is Vanessa & Ralph, and that is only if the injury Vanessa suffers while falling down is actually serious enough to hold her back on the race. (In reality, we more than expect her to get up and be just fine.)

This is turning out to be a rather interesting end to the season. If Mark & Bopper due end up getting eliminated (which currently appears to be the most-likely scenario to go down), it means that “Brenchel” is the only team that comes across as likable at all in the final four (and this is with the knowledge that there are as many Brenchel haters as there are Brenchel fans — even if we count ourselves among the latter).

Do you think Rachel should save her head, or do you think she’ll be okay without it so long as there isn’t an equalizer to catch Mark & Bopper back up?

Photo: CBS

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