‘How I Met Your Mother’ spoilers: Robin’s ego to run rampant

Robin ... the egomaniac?

When you become the center of the universe (or at least the center of New York City), you have to at least expect someone’s ego to be a little bit crazy.

While Robin may not be selling t-shirts of herself on the street corner during Monday night’s new episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” the fact that she landed a traffic copter and saved a life is going to make her into an overnight sensation — and it will also cause her to relish in the attention.

Speaking to E! News on the subject of her character, Cobie Smulders gave a brief teaser for the episode (entitled “Good Crazy”) that will feature Robin dealing with the aftermath of her newfound fame:

“I think that she’ll enjoy every minute of it, apparently she was on Letterman and she got to meet the mayor and she let it very much go to her head … That is something that she has wanted her entire career and then it’s gone the next day…there’s a bigger story like there is in news.”

Ultimately, the actual irony here is that in the midst of her being a hero to many, Robin will still spend a good part of this episode dealing with what is a rather small crisis by comparison — trying to repair some sort of friendship with Ted after the two started to drift in opposite directions earlier this season.

By the end of the season, we hope to have more a resolution when it comes to one other story related to Robin, as well — whether or not she is going to be the future bride of one Barney Stinson.

Check back Sunday, as we’ll have a full peek at Monday night’s new episode!

Photo: CBS

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