‘The Bachelorette’ scoop: ABC drops hints on Emily Maynard’s premiere

Ready for Emily's season?

ABC has basically just sent out the entire skeleton of Emily Maynard’s season of “The Bachelorette,” and based on what is being said it looks like we have quiet a bit to look forward to when it comes to heartwarming moments, drama, and even a bit of comedy. (With Emily being a mom, it also looks as though producers were more willing than usual to cast a bevy of single dads.)

While there are some rather genetic details put in the press release about the later part of Emily’s journey (mostly in that she goes to Europe), we are instead going to focus on the giant teaser for the May 14 season premiere — including everything from a step-by-step direction concerning Emily saying good night to her daughter Ricki to what some of her men do for a living.:

“On the premiere, Emily’s journey begins in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, where she lives with her six-year-old daughter, Ricki. After saying ‘good night’ to Ricki, Emily arrives at a southern mansion where she meets her 25 potential soulmates who have traveled across the country. They include a biology teacher, a mushroom farmer, a marine biologist and a ex-professional football player. Emily is nervous, but her anxiety slips away and soon turns to laughter as a single dad produces a glass slipper and proclaims her a princess; a youthful entrepreneur swoops in on a skateboard; a party MC shows off his dance moves; and a southern gentleman brings something special that symbolizes his dedication to protecting her and Ricki. But although one man’s grand entrance in a helicopter impresses Emily, it only makes him a target of jealousy and ridicule from the other bachelors.

“Inside the mansion, the battle is on among the eager suitors vying for the attention of the southern belle. A confident man is eager to charm Emily, but he is upstaged by a single father of six excited to show off his family photos to her. One handsome man wins her over with a pair of custom bobblehead dolls, but another bachelor is extremely nervous when he reveals his career, fearing that it will remind her of her late fiancé. The night turns more emotional when another single dad brings her a heartwarming letter from his 11-year-old son. The competition erupts into a full-fledged competition when Chris Harrison brings out the coveted first impression rose. A tough-talking entertainer confronts the wealthy suitor who dropped in via helicopter, accusing him of being selfish and insincere. But unaware of the tension, Emily is stolen away by the skateboarder, whose soft-spoken and self-confident ways impress her. Everyone holds their breath as Emily gives out the first impression rose to one charming bachelor, but no one can blame her for choosing him. By the end of the night, Emily will have 19 men left to compete for her affections and, in the end, her heart.”

With a description this long, we almost wish that ABC just led us actually watch the entire episode early. Based on the superficial details here, we are kind of interested to see if Emily finds “skateboarder man” to be remarkable or king of immature, and if Emily is ready to start a new reality show with the father of six entitled “Emily and Random Bachelor Dude Plus 7.” (It could be a hit!)

Just in case you have not seen the first trailer for the season yet, you can do so below. Does finding out more about the premiere make you more excited, are you still burned out after the massive downer that was Ben Flajnik’s season?

Photo: ABC

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