NBC’s ‘The Office’ review: Andy is barking mad

Andy's starting to crack.

We’ve been critical of “The Office” now for several weeks, but we will admit that there were some genuinely funny moments this time around in between a few story elements that really did not make too much sense.

The basic plotline for the week was simple — Andy, in an effort to try to get revenge on Robert California, decided to go with Erin to a fundraiser being thrown by Angela’s State Senator husband for a local animal shelter. Of course, he was quickly found out to be more of an animal than anyone else there — he undermined his former boss, jeered at him through his speech, and then adopted all of the older dogs being cared for by the shelter just to make him look bad. (These furry friends admittedly hold a large place in our heart, so we couldn’t help but feel for them even if this was a fictional situation.)

It was pretty obvious to everyone that Andy is in full-on meltdown mode, and there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight until he either gets rid of the man who bizarrely replaced him with Nellie or gets his old job back. We’ve never really felt like this character had enough to do, so this is at least an interesting story — even though we have seen it in some other forms before.

As for the rest of the episode, there were some funny B-plots — including Oscar’s determination to prove that the Senator is both gay and attracted to him, Dwight buying all the silent auction items by mistake when he thought he was playing a game to guess the right price, and even Kevin thinking he was the smartest guy in the room. (There were also some “Downton Abbey” jokes in here worth a few laughs.) Plus, Nellie trying to eat a taco to impress Darryl may be the funniest thing her character has done since her woeful arrival in Pennsylvania. (We actually did love Nellie in Florida.)

Even though it’s far from the show it once was, we are at least pleased that “The Office” is working things out with a nice arc to finish the season. Let’s hope that whatever happens with Andy, it is a little more believable than some usurping him of his position on a whim.

Photo: NBC

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