‘The Pauly D Project’ episode 5 review: Rallying the troops (video)

Pauly's crew has the wheels in motion.

Is “The Pauly D Project” getting things together? Based on what we saw this week, it seems like if nothing else we are getting a chance to figure out the show’s identity. Every week, Pauly gets invited to do something crazy, and he and his crew try to find a way to do something with it. It’s almost a reality procedural at this point with the lack of a long-term story, but that does not have to necessarily be a bad thing.

The story this time around revolved around Pauly and the guys going to a military base, which is where they all took part in some training exercises before performing with the troops. Was it funny to watch Jerry trying and jump over a wall? Sure, but it was also just as funny to watch Jerry spontaneously take off his shirt and belly-dance at a Moroccan restaurant the night before. (Oh, MTV — pulling crazy stunts that would any normal person thrown out.)

All in all, there actually was an educational element to the show this week as it showed a little bit about military families, how they live, and how appreciate soldiers are to have a good time courtesy of someone who went out of their way to see them. It’s a show about fist-pumping and silliness, but the entire gang was thankfully respectful of the soldiers and their sacrifice.

Unfortunately, the show still does have its problems for those who want more of a “Jersey Shore” style storyline. Pauly’s “love interest” Christina turned up for about thirty seconds early in the episode, but then disappeared without any explanation; meanwhile, the tension between Biggie and his girlfriend back home dissipated into thin air this week just an episode after it was looking like some conflict was going to start up. We do have to get from point A to point B eventually, even if the journey is entertaining along the way.

Check out the full episode of “the Pauly D Project” below.


What did you take away from this episode?

Photo: MTV

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