‘Shark Tank’ preview: TriMi Tank in the spotlight

A new episode airs Friday!

There’s something that we strangely adore about “Shark Tank” — we’re not sure if it’s the intensity of watching these inventors fight for their dreams or Kevin O’Leary crushing them with just one glare, but it’s thoroughly engaging television.

Thankfully, the show is returning to ABC Friday night for an all-ne episode, and we have a sneak peek at one of the products being shown off — TriMi Tank, which is a twist on the classic tank top where you can remove and change out your own customized straps of various designs and materials. It’s a novel concept, but there are a few problems here with the pitch (and with the two founders of the company) that are apparent early on:

1. They are seeking a whopping $57,000 for 30% of their company. (Robert’s face after hearing this says it all.)

2. They have only sold 100 of the straps.

3. We’re also not sure about the high price point for a product when regular tank tops are so inexpensive to begin with.

Then again, we may not also be the right person to judge the product superficially. After all, there’s a reason we are not a shark on this show (that and we don’t have a billion dollars). With our concerns for these two ladies being said, there is promise here that this idea could be successful with the right manufacturing and promotion, and these are the guys who can it make it happen for them. It also doesn’t hurt that there is more than one shark on board this week with a knowledge of the fashion industry.

What do you think about this idea, and do you think that one of the sharks will bite on some sort of offer?

Photo: ABC

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