‘The Big Bang Theory’ review: Howard, Raj, and Sailor Moon

Blame Raj?

There are some things that our brain just is not ready to process just yet — the thought of Howard Wolowitz potentially having a threesome with Raj and a 200-pound woman in a Sailor Moon costume is one of them.

This was just one of the revelations that came out during what was ultimately a rather informative bachelor party on “The Big Bang Theory” Thursday night, as we were treated to pretty much the same sort of problems every guy has with one of these parties — something stupid happens, and they guy has to explain himself for it later. In this case, Howard saw a number of “exploits” from his past that he was trying to keep hidden come up courtesy of a boozed-up Raj — who shared everything from the threesome to him hiring an escort for his buddy once in Las Vegas.

Really, what made this bachelor party idea funny was seeing all of guests that the show assembled into a single room — including some recurring stars like Stuart, Kripke, and Wil Wheaton (who, courtesy of the internet, is the reason that Bernadette found out about Raj’s drunken confession to begin with). There was also some great humor in seeing Sheldon drunk, and Leonard acting as though the craziest thing ever was he and Penny doing something in the ocean that happens in about 25% of every romantic comedy.

From the standpoint of plot, it’s no secret that this show can be formulaic — eventually, Howard found a way to apologize, regain Bernadette’s affection, and the two are once again on the road to a wedding later this year. However, it’s the characters that make the journey so worthwhile — and this episode affirmed to us yet again how much Kunal Nayyar is the unsung hero of a show that usually sees most of its love handed to the three lead actors. At this point, we also don’t know what we would do without Amy Farrah Fowler’s “advice” during moments of crisis.

What was your favorite moment from Howard’s bachelor party?

Photo: CBS

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