’30 Rock’ live show review: Paul McCartney, Jon Hamm stop by


30 Rock” aired its second-ever live show on Thursday night, and overall we have to say that the show overall did not disappoint. Were there some mistakes on the East Coast feed? Sure, but the show was exciting because of the risk. There were also so many brilliant jokes and some celebrity cameos that we never saw coming.

While there were some fantastic guests featured throughout the show, here are some the especially stood out and still have us in stitches:

-Amy Poehler as a young Liz Lemon

-Donald Glover as a young Tracy Jordan

-Jimmy Fallon as a young Jack Donaghy

-Sir Paul McCartney as himself

-Jon Hamm as a character who did not date Liz Lemon, and one that wore ash on his face

While they managed to cram so many stars in, it never really took away from the humor — instead, it only raised the stakes since everyone did something rather funny with their screen time. Is there anything better than watching Glover freak out? Troy’s meltdowns are a highlight of “Community.”

Overall, the story itself was really rather basic, as we watched Kenneth trap everyone in the room (minus Jenna, Hazell, and a few others) to convince them to keep “TGS” live rather than have them film all the shows at once. With that, we were introduced to a series of examples as to live TV is better than anything else out there — and all of them turned out to be pretty hilarious. (We especially loved seeing Tracy Morgan hit Hamm over the head with a chair.)

There were also some clever nods in the episode to everything from Rick Santorum to “Zou Bisou Bisou,” which is probably making Matthew Weiner smile somewhere while watching at home. The only real story moment? Outside of Kenneth succeeding in his quest, we also saw Paul propose to Jenna on live TV — only for her to reject it after she realized that she wanted something else out of her love life.

What was your favorite moment from this episode? While it was random and pretty devoid of a plot, we have to admit that we laughed almost constantly from beginning to end.

Photo: NBC

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