‘Grey’s Anatomy’ review: Jackson and April’s wild night (and tough morning)

Who got in a bar fight?

Only a matter of hours before the board exams on “Grey’s Anatomy” Thursday night, we saw someone get in a bar fight. If only we could say that this was somehow an exaggeration of reckless behavior by residents before the biggest day of their lives.

This was a test that was a whopping eight seasons in the making, and there were issues from one character to another — whether it be Jackson punching a guy and spontaneously deciding while drunk to lose her virginity with Avery, Meredith getting sick at the same time as Zola, or Cristina finally coming clear to her pal about Owen cheating on her.

While April was trying to understand the repercussions of what he had done with Jackson, Cristina debated with Meredith over whether or not she wanted to leave her husband. Her final decision? For now, it’s to leave, but this could change at any point. Everyone did at least manage to get to the boards despite of a myriad of problems.

On a different note, April wasn’t the only person at the site of the boards getting some action — Richard, for the first time since his wife Adele entered a nursing home — gave in to his urges and was unfaithful … with Avery’s mother. What will fans think of this? We expect a divided reaction — although Adele has been declaring her love for another man as of late, she does not really understand that she is married at all. The only other story this week involved Alex making a big sacrifice for Morgan, and it led to one of the saddest scenes involving a premature baby that we have ever seen on this show. In doing this, he ended up missing the one test he has been waiting for all this time, and it gave the episode a bit of a sad ending that already has us chomping at the bit for answers.

Overall, this was a rather great episode by “Grey’s” standards, and even though there was some sadness, we do at least love the feeling of intensity now that the stakes are so high.

What did you think about this episode, and who do you think is at the biggest risk when it comes to failing the boards?

Photo: ABC

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