‘American Idol’ top 6 results: Did Hollie Cavanagh survive after bottom two?

Who went home?

After two straight weeks of shockers, “American Idol” had yet another opportunity to stun the world with its results show Thursday night. Would Phillip Phillips choosing obscure songs hurt him, or did we finally see the end for Hollie Cavanagh or Elise Testone? Read on to find out.

Of course, we still have some performances (and backflips) to get through first.

The performances

Queen Extravaganza – Can we have the guy who did a backflip with the guitar on the show every week? Of course, this group did a great job.

Stefano Langone (or is it just “Stefano” now?) – The problem with Stefano is that he had so much choreography in this live performance of “I’m On a Roll” that his vocals were of course a little weaker as a result. As a matter of fact, he sounded about like he was going to pass out halfway through the song.

With that being said, we still think that this song is insanely catchy, and actually has a better chance of being a hit single on pop radio than anything else we’ve heard from season 10. (With that said, we still prefer Haley Reinhart’s “Free” to anything else.)

Katy Perry – If you’ve seen her music video to “Part of Me” already, you’ve really already seen this performance. The only differences? Katy has purple hair now, and she also has an affinity for dancing in night-vision.

Overall, we performed the performance from the Grammys where she was dressed like an extra from one of the extra from a “Power Rangers” movie. (We do actually mean this as a compliment.)

The safe three

Jessica Sanchez – After getting the save, it looks like nothing is going to slow Jessica down a while — not even picking a song that has been done to death on this show and going first on the show (which always tends to hurt the voting).

Joshua Ledet – We’re always worried about Joshua, mostly because like Jessica, he has been in trouble before for no good reason. Thankfully, America saw the brilliance and diversity with his music this week.

Phillip Phillips – We honestly thought that Phillip was going to be in the bottom three for his song choice — but once again, we underestimate fans of guys who love to play the guitar.

The bottom three

Elise Testone – We’re happy that Elise did songs that suited her style perfectly this week. However, she also needs to work on trying to remember that many of the people who actually vote on the show are young. Despite her protestations, they don’t know Jimi Hendrix’s catalog.

Hollie Cavanagh – Hollie received plenty of praise for her cover of “The Climb,” but not even the pimp spot could keep her from being in the bottom with Elise yet again.

Skylar Laine – We don’t really get this at all, since Skylar had the best performances of the entire night Wednesday (and we loved her “Tattoos on This Town”). However, you never know what is going to happen when you include people who love Phillip into the mix.

With Elise and Hollie announced as the two people in the bottom, we knew at that point that this was really going to be Elise’s time to go. She really had some great performances on the show, but her biggest problem may simply have been be appealing to some fans who don’t often vote. She will be missed, and yes, we do find it hilarious that “Idol” exploited Jason Segel one last time in her final montage.

What did you think of this result?

Photo: Fox

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