‘The Vampire Diaries’ review: A new villain rises at the decade dance

The game of deadly chess continues.

Welcome to the third-annual decade dance! These are the episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” that we always love, mostly because they a) contain plenty of fantastic outfits and b) typically have something absolutely insane happen.

This week, the show didn’t waste much time. Esther harnessed Rebekah in order to revive her old body, and then did her best to try and transform Alaric into her version of Frankenstein’s monster. At first, it seemed to be working without a problem as Alaric’s dark side was starting to completely taking over. However, he was able to fight it just long enough to save himself (and Esther) from killing Jeremy and Matt — and with that Alaric sealed his own fate. He wasn’t going to complete the transition to vampire so that he could take out the rest of his own newfound race, and in doing so he seemingly allowed himself to die since there was no other choice.

Just when we thought Alaric was a goner, though, a certain twist happened … and not only is he still alive, he may be the biggest threat all of the vampires have seen yet. How did this happen? It’s all thanks to a certain someone below:

Jeremy and Bonnie – Are we still firmly for Bonnie and Jeremy? Through in through, but at the moment, Bonnie does not seem to care about what we want. This new couple is going to play a major part in the final two episodes, though, mostly in how Bonnie is being haunted by Esther to finish what she started in regards to killing the vampires.

It was a (possessed?) Bonnie who at the end of the episode not only sent pain throughout Jeremy’s body, but also used her blood to finish the transformation that Esther started with Alaric.

As for some other couples…

Klaus and Caroline – Yes, ‘shippers, there was at least a couple of moments this week that you will be happy about. Then again, we are defining “happy” in the sense that there may be a chance someday weeks, months, or even years in the future. Caroline shunned Klaus for the time being for Tyler, but we don’t think this is over by any means.

Stefan and Elena – After watching what happened with Damon and Elena last week, we weren’t sure these two would ever have a chance again. However, the decade dance provided a few tender moments for “Stelena,” starting with Elena inviting him to the shindig and ending with the two sharing a moment in the same gym where Klaus turned off Stefan’s humanity earlier this season. Thankfully, the show went with a comforting rather than overtly romantic moment considering what was going on with Alaric.

Is this story going to be the end for Alaric? We hope not, since he is one of the few adult characters who added a sense of normalcy to the show (at least until he started to lose his freakin’ mind thanks to a certain ring). However, we know that he has a new pilot on The CW that would limit any future appearances.

What did you think about this episode as a whole?

Photo: The CW

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