‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Troy ‘Troyzan’ Robertson on strategy

Troyzan was eliminated Wednesday.

Over his time on “Survivor: One World,” we came to know the man known as “Troyzan” as a big personality. He was outspoken, a physical threat in challenges, and he fought tooth and nail to get further in the game. Unfortunately, losing the immunity challenge during Wednesday night’s episode ultimately led to his demise.

We didn’t always get context about some of the decisions that the swimsuit photographer made while on the show, but luckily we had the chance to find out some more insight into decisions in the game during a conference call with reporters on Thursday. Luckily, he was just as candid as he was out in Samoa.

Cartermatt.com – So first and foremost, let’s go back to before the merge. Why were you on board with going to tribal to get rid of Bill?

Troyzan – For me personally, Bill was in the beginning with the four frat boys. If they would have gotten Colton, they were going to vote me out and I was gone. Bill was going to vote for me, and once I found that out I thought ‘Bill is going to vote for me once, he’s going to vote for me again.’ Bill’s a great storyteller, he could lie with the best of them. This guy’s really good. If this guy’s going to get rid of me, why wait a week? There isn’t a difference. He was never going to be in my pocket or be with the guys.

We still had the numbers [with the alliance with Colton, Jonas, Tarzan, and Leif] … we didn’t have any idea that Colton was going to be a villain or a jerk. He was a number, and numbers out there are all you are thinking about. You don’t really think about people’s personalities that much. (Laughs.)

So if you had went on an immunity run, did you have any idea who you were going to take to the end?

For sure! I was going to take someone who the jury would be like ‘there’s no way I can give this person [the win]’ — a super coat-tailer like Christina, and Tarzan who wouldn’t have won. If I would’ve went on the tear, he wouldn’t have been able to win and he wouldn’t out-talk me at tribal. Those were the two I would have taken.

So what has the reaction been to you on the street and from people at your job?

It’s really been surprisingly super-positive. Even after last night, the amount of emails and Twitter followers were like 99% positive. Of course there’s a few haters in there, but everyone’s been like ‘wow, you really played the game with your heart on your sleeve.’

The people that know me — my family and co-workers and friends — they were like ‘wow, that’s really you 100%.’ And it really was. There was nothing fake about it … what you see out there is what you get. That person out there, Troyzan, is Troy Robertson. It’s been really more than I expected, even overwhelming with the people out there saying that I should be an all-star and ‘you’re one of the greatest survivors I’ve ever seen’ or mentioning me in the same breath as Richard Hatch and Russell Hantz and Colby Donaldson. I was like ‘wow, really?’ … It’s been pretty good.

Are you going to miss Troyzan on this show, and who do you think with him gone is poised to go on an immunity run?

Photo: CBS

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