‘Survivor: One World’ review: Kim makes her first mistake

Will Kim recover?

For most of this season, we have touted Kim Spradlin as quite possibly one of the best players in “Survivor” history. Can she still live up to that title? Definitely, but she is going to need to do some damage control moving forward after making one of her first silly moves of the entire game during the reward Wednesday night’s new episode.

The whole premise of the challenge was one of those awful games where you have to guess who the castaways labeled as the “biggest poser” or the “most likely you’ll never see again.” Kat was beaten up pretty badly in the game, and even after Kim promised she would take her if she won, she went and picked Chelsea and Alicia instead. Why? Chelsea was “hungry.” With this one move, Kim proved that she does have personal attachments that can get in the way of strategy, and this hurt her. Now, Kat, Christina, and Sabrina all clearly know that Chelsea is where her allegiance lies — mostly since this was suspected to be the case beforehand, anyway.

Before we get to some more analysis, we may as well state the obvious — Troyzan didn’t win immunity, and thus he went home. Was it sad? Yes and no — we loved the drama that he brought to the game, but he pretty much did this to himself after he voted to go to tribal when he didn’t have to just to get rid of Bill, and then later took out both Jonas and Mike before realizing what exactly was going on with the women. He had his opportunities, though we did love how he tried to rally Kat to switch his vote to Christina, mostly due to the smart plan by the women to throw a few votes her way just in case Troy had an idol. (Silliest move of the week — Christina admitting to Troy that she was going to be hit with a couple of votes. It almost got her sent home.)

Now, we look forward a bit to the future of this season. With Kim’s move (and the fact that Christina actually moved to get rid of Chelsea), some fractures are starting to form. What is ultimately going to happen is simply going to depend on a few people who may be starting to wake up a little:

Kim – She may not need to do it this coming week, but she better prepare to play the idol. So long as she and Chelsea make it to the final four, they’ll be fine since they are challenge threats and Chelsea doesn’t seem to have the mentality to vote her out. What she needs to ensure is that her army of five gets Christina and Tarzan out in some order, and then they enter the finale as one group.

The good news for Kim is that we ultimately don’t think taking Chelsea on the reward of Kat will haunt her, mostly because we haven’t seen any evidence that anyone on her tribe has the guts to pull a big move other than her.

Chelsea – If she doesn’t want to vote out Kim herself, she needs to sit by and let other people do it around the final five or four. If she makes it to the end without Kim, she has a great shot at winning — however, Kim’s got this in the bag if she arrives at the final tribal council against any of the remaining ladies.

Tarzan – Pray that the game remains afoot for a while longer. That’s all he can do at this point.

Christina – She’s going to have to do her best here to make a point to Sabrina, Kat, and Tarzan that Kim, Chelsea, and Alicia could very well stroll on past them to the end, and Tarzan is the only one of these four people who could possibly beat Kim or Chelsea in the end thanks to an all-male jury. The only way that these four can really give themselves a great shot is if they band together and get rid of the other three.

Kat, Sabrina, and Alicia – They need to listen to the idea above, but they also have the option to wait and try to make a move at the final five. However, this is also rather risky — you could get rid of either Kim or Chelsea before the final three, but not both of them if the remaining member of the alliance wins immunity at the final four. We fear that they will wait things out and get rid of Tarzan and Christina, but it’s not smart — you have to strike while the iron is hot, and there are still a few challenges left for immunities to be spread around.

Do you think that Kim’s move at the reward challenge will haunt her in any way, and what do you think about Troyzan finally leaving?

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