‘America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion’ review: Hello Kitty goes crazy

Let's hope you love Hello Kitty.

We have seen some crazy challenges on “America’s Next Top Model” over the years, but in the wake of Tyra Banks blowing up the show’s entire roster for cycle 19, the show tried to distract us from the sad news by focusing on some cute and cuddly. The problem? Nothing is as cute or as cuddly when it weighs a hundred pounds (which may be a slight exaggeration) and comes in the form of Hello Kitty.

On the surface, this week’s photo shoot was really just a giant advertisement for the brand as the models had to wear a variety of couture outfits featuring the famous Kitty, and we were quickly shocked by just how many different products can be tied to a single mascot. Some models (Alisha) managed to succeed under the pressure; however, there were some others who had a bit of a problem with attitude in addition to some subpar photos.

When it comes to Eboni, she simply didn’t want to wear her “signature” look with the pigtails as much as Tyra and company wanted her to; meanwhile, Seymone (who was actually the person who received Best Photo the first week this season) just seemed unhappy for pretty much the entire shoot. With that, it wasn’t a surprise to see her go home.

Ultimately, we’re actually surprised that this is the season that is sinking in the ratings to the point where Nigel, Miss J, and Jay Manuel were fired. Why? Coupled with last fall’s “All-Stars,” the past two seasons have actually been a breath of fresh air for a show that was started to become tiresome to watch in cycles 15 and 16. The British contestants are particularly interesting, and they bring a fun dimension to the show in a TV landscape where we have seen just about every American “reality star” out there.

What did you think about this episode?

Photo: The CW

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