‘American Idol’ top 6 review: Skylar Laine rocks Queen (and Jason Aldean)

Who shined?

American Idol” went rock for Wednesday night’s Queen-themed performance show, but it was ironically a country singer who ended up blowing up the entire race and emerging as a favorite.

While there were some great moments from Joshua Ledet (and some actual hilarity from Phillip Phillips in the pre-performance packages), we really have to say that Skylar Laine owned this night through and through.

Queen round

Jessica Sanchez, “Bohemian Rhapsody” – We had a feeling that Jessica would be performing this song, and we were actually excited about it more so than any other performance on the night.

Unfortunately, this song exposed Jessica’s biggest weakness in that she doesn’t really allow herself to have enough fun. Rock stars are free-spirited, and much of her stage persona right now is too rehearsed — even if her talent is off-the-charts crazy.

Skylar Laine, “The Show Must Go On” – Can the show go on with Skylar singing every performance? Now that producers have genuinely realized how good she is, Skylar is turning to a legitimate threat to win this whole shebang.

We talk a lot about emotional performances on here, and nobody really does this better than Skylar. She’s so good, it’s almost effortless at this point.

Joshua “Standing Ovation” Ledet, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” – If Joshua didn’t deserve so many standing ovations, we would be a bit more upset over the fact that he keeps getting him (even if Skylar deserved one too this week).

Here’s the beauty of what Joshua does as a performer — Tim Urban bombed with this song during season 9, and we never thought we would hear someone deliver a strong cover. Thankfully, Joshua proved us wrong.

Elise Testone, “I Want It All” – Out of all the Queen songs out there, we are surprised that Elise picked a song with such a one-note chorus. The good news is that she managed to do so much more with the song than you would ever expect, and she was dressed quite possibly like the world’s best rock hippie.

It was a great performance — not necessarily on par with some of what she has done in the past, but we enjoyed it.

Phillip Phillips, “Fat Bottomed Girls” – Whenever we think about this song now, we just picture Casey Abrams and Jack Black on the stage with a bunch of women in fluorescent booty shorts. Sorry, Phillip, but this was a distraction.

Of course, part of the other problem was just that the performance was average at best. Phillip came up, sang the melody, and then walked off. Nothing special at all.

Hollie Cavanagh, “Save Me” – If she gets voted off, this song choice is going to be rather ironic. It was nice, but nice in the same way you say after you watch your niece twirl a baton at a talent show. You didn’t gate it; you just wished you liked it more than you did.

New game — every time Hollie says the words “you know,” take a drink of whatever you have near you (mostly because we don’t want to condone the whiskey). You will either be smashed at the end, or if you’re drinking water you’ll be taking off to the nearest restroom.

Contestants’ choice

Jessica Sanchez, “Dance With My Father” – We actually loved this performance more than just about everything that Jessica has done on the show. Why? For the first time in weeks, we felt something from her vocal beyond just great singing.

We also think that from a vote standpoint, it was also a smart move for Jessica to show some more of her personal side with sharing her story about her father getting deployed to Singapore. We haven’t had much of a chance to see a personal side of her, and these little moments are important.

Skylar Laine, “Tattoos on This Town” – What made this performance so great from Skylar was that if you didn’t know that this song was from Jason Aldean, you would think that she wrote it herself.

We don’t get why Skylar isn’t getting more credit for being creative on this show, mostly because she’s taken songs from all genres — including country — and made them into something creative and distinct.

Joshua Ledet, “Ready For Love” – Joshua’s second performance is a bit like watching an episode of “Mad Men.” If you love the style and the presentation, it’s probably your favorite thing to watch. However, some people just don’t understand why everyone thinks it is so good.

While we recognize here that Joshua performed the heck out of this song, we just didn’t love the song. There was barely a melody here outside of some big notes here and there, and really felt like it had the same problem Joshua had last week — mostly in that we are not going to remember it in a few days’ time.

Elise Testone, “Bold as Love” – We’re starting to have an interesting debate with Elise. When it comes to her performances, we think she’s great. At the same time, she’s also getting a little bit too defensive about what she is doing in the competition.

First things first, Steven Tyler is right (surprisingly) in saying that no one watching “Idol” is going to know this Jimi Hendrix song. In addition to that, it’s not really going to earn her any new fans — and neither is trying to fight against negative feedback while she is on stage. The best thing she can do to combat that is let her fanbase react, and they will get their revenge so she doesn’t have to.

Phillip Phillips, the long-awaited Dave Matthews Band performance – We really don’t even know what to say here. Randy Jackson may think Phillip is an artist. We just think that this was … strange.

Hollie Cavanagh, “The Climb” – It was a strong vocal from Hollie to close the show, and from that standpoint it may have been her best of the entire season. However, we still have to ask the question — is it cool to reprise your audition performance during the live shows? At least it was her audition song last year and not this time around.

The good news for Hollie is that she did cover the song better than the thousands of people who have covered the Miley Cyrus hit already.

Who did you love the most during this show, and do you think that Skylar is really getting enough credit for everything that she is doing on the show?

Photo: Fox

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